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This stud was founded in November, 1997, by Ted, Graham and Wayne Lehmann, trading as E.E. & M.R. Lehmann, by the transfer of 40 rams, 300 ram lambs, 2,000 ewes and 800 ewe lambs from POLLVILLE, Poll F. No. 488, being their share, following the reorganisation of the Lehmann Bros partnership. Upon request, approval for the allocation of Poll F. No. 15 was granted, being the original Flairville registration of the Poll Merino flock in 1947. The direct linkage between ownership and genetic background of the sheep remains. In July 2003, Wayne and his wife Lindy took over the stud, trading as W.E. & L.J. Lehmann.​


Flairdale is continuing to breed plain-bodied rams with large frames and long-stapled, free-growing white wool while still paying close attention to wool cutting ability. All Flairdale rams for the coming sale will have ASBVs available to give clients more information to select suitable rams for their wool and meat growing enterprise. 


Flairdale is located 28km south of Tailem Bend at Cooke Plains, SA.


Your enquiries are always welcome.

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