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2023 On Property Ram Sale Monday August 21st

Flairdale continues to breed medium wooled plain-bodied sheep with large frames and long stapled, free-growing white wool paying close attention to wool cutting ability. Flairdale has been mules free for 16 years and shearing at 6 months. All stud ewes and rams are electronically tagged enabling us to use the latest technology to assist us with our breeding programme. We currently use Breedelite sheep in conjunction with ASBVs to enable us and our clients to best select rams to suit their wool and meat growing enterprise. Also using pedigree match maker for our mothering up to further identify our best producing ewes. Flairdale is focusing on muscle, fat and early growth rates while maintaining the quality and quantity of wool that it has been renowned for. We are always progressing our stud by measuring new traits every year. The most recent traits that have been scored are Breech Wrinkle and Breech Cover.  Flairdale rams have been entered in sire evaluation trials for a number of years and have been performing really well. Rams entered have been amongst leading sires in many traits throughout the trials. Over the last few years we have been purchasing and using sires with high ASBV’s in the traits we are concentrating on to further progress ourselves and our clients to capitalise on the demands of the current and future markets.

Flairdale will be displaying stud and sale rams at the South East Merino field days in Keith, Hamilton SheepVention, Classing’s Classic Ram Sale, Adelaide Show and  our On-property sale on Monday 21st August 2022 at Cooke Plains. Feel free to inquire any time to Wayne on 0408896877 or Matt on 0417843063.

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